domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

Hudson´s Hunt....

★⋰⋱★⋰   HUDSON's Elf HUNT Dec 16th to 31st   ⋱★⋰⋱★
┢┦○ ┢┦○ ┢┦○⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰⋱★⋰  
A Hunting you should Go 
To find 12 Gifts a Hiding for Both for Him and for Her

A matching up you will go with the New Group Gift and More,
For decorating your home you will go.....┢┦○ ┢┦○ ┢┦○

If you do Choose to find these Dear Little Elves 
All about the main floor you should go.....
In and out and all about the flex appeal

Then up and down and all around JUST the main floor we do...
checking all the stacks and shelves looking out for you say for Who?

Why For the little ones, the ones with red and blue...
The Elves..... the little ones....thats who!

There they lay, a waiting, a waiting just for you:-) 

Great Hunt items for Mixing and Matching with your 
New Group Gift. 

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