sábado, 29 de junio de 2013


Dress: ::PL:: Boss Bitch - Beach Dress Room69
Tatoo: <Toxic Bish> Flowers Body Tattoo MM Board Gift
T- Shirt and Pants: ESH #100 UnderDogs -
Pier:  Serenity Style - Hearts Pier- 
 Complete romantic pier with cuddle animations menú. Rezzing the complete set has 36 prims
 (Only the pier 8)
This set included:
. Table and chairs set with individual sitting animation (6 prims)
- Set of wine bottle and glasses (touch to drink) (4 prims)
- A metallic candle with real lighting (just touching it) (10 prims)
- A set of candles and vintage postcards decoration (8 prims)

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